Our Company

Avestan is an import export company based in Vancouver, Canada. Today, our main focus is in the food industry where we hold exclusive distribution rights for Snack Garden in Canada.

We oversee all import activities such as licensing, documentation, and shipping. Avestan solves a wide variety of complex problems, plans safe handling of merchandise, maintains detailed and accurate records, and supports other activities when required. We are active in a variety of business sectors simultaneously in a fast-paced global atmosphere with nothing less than uncompromising focus on our clients satisfaction.

About Us


Our Mission

Avestan was created to serve the demand of untapped markets. We open doors to business opportunities that were thought to be nonexistent. We do this seamlessly, taking all financial and legal precautions associated with each venture.   

Importing and exporting food products in and out of Canada. Highly specialized trade company in Can.

New Opportunities

Our experience in rough waters has created endless opportunities and results for us and our clients. Active in various sectors and ready to serve our clients demands anytime and anywhere.


Bon Voyage!

At Avestan, we use new research and statistics to prepare for every new opportunity. Ensuring a smooth and steady voyage down the global market.  

We Represent Snack Garden in Canada

Snack Garden

All Snack Garden products are vegan and gluten-free, and they contain no artificial colors or flavors. Their ingredient lists are short and sweet.  With their healthy snacks, Snack Garden is  helping everyone "experience a happier, healthier life that tastes amazing!" 

We Represent YoFiit in British Columbia


Plant Based Nutrition Done Better. 

YoFiit is doing amazing things with their plant based bars and milk alternative. Their products provide "abundant nutrition through plants, helping you meet your nutritional & lifestyle goals such as plant-based or keto."


Become a Partner

 We are continuously expanding our global clientele. This has opened new opportunities for Importers and Distributors to partner with us. This year we are granting a limited number of Exclusive Distribution contracts to new global partners. 

Proud Member


Avestan is a proud member of the North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce. A not-for-profit organization "of local businesses, professionals, and other community groups working towards furthering their collective interests within the community."


Avestan is also a member of the Vancouver Board of Trade. Western Canada's most influential business association. "The impact that the Board of Trade has on not only the business community – but on our community as a whole — has been crucial for the continued successful growth of Vancouver into a world-class region."